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Padron Cigars

The rich flavor and potency of Cuban-style cigars create the best smoking experience. Most premium cigars are hand rolled by torcedores, which are acclaimed for their abilities to make the most perfect cigars. Padron cigars show off that pristine perfection with fine, natural wrappers and unmatched quality since 1964.

Padron cigars come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Special release cigars celebrate the history of the family owned company. On the 75th birthday of Jose Padron, a new cigar unveiled even more rare leaves. Every anniversary year, a new cigar adds to the full-bodied collection of Padron cigars. The 1964 anniversary Padron cigar held an altogether different blend, aged longer than all other tobacco leaves and then box-pressed like cigars from the 1940s. The result was a smooth and complex flavor that celebrated the history of Jose Padron's dedication to cigar making and rich Cuban taste.

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Damaso Padron began making cigars in the 1800s in a very rich tobacco region of Cuba known as Pinar del Rio. What started in this small town continues today. The heritage of the Padron family goes into every aspect of cigar making to create fine, handmade cigars with a flavorful taste and Cuban design.

Jose Orlando Padron said of making cigars, "This is something you carry in your blood." Padron cigars have a blended taste with homegrown tobacco leaves and dark, oily maduro wrappers. There are multiple series of Padron cigars, from the Magum to Panatelas to special anniversary series. Padron also tends to have a stronger scent and smoke than other cigars. The full-bodied taste is revered amongst cigar aficionados who admire the sun-grown habano leaves that age for approximately two and a half years before ever seeing the wrapper.

Cigar Aficionado rated Padron Family Reserve No. 45 Maduro the cigar of the year in 2009. The quality of Padron cigars is in the hand wrapping and taste, as the look is just as important as how the cigar develops the senses. Cigar companies constantly add new products, but the taste should never suffer. The innovation behind Padron cigars is a willingness to experiment and take chances with each new addition to their cigar family.

The little details in these cigars sets them apart from competitors, making sure that every cigar is smoother than before. The truly great part about Padron cigars is the heritage that goes into each product. The most top-rated Padron cigars, including Padron 2000 to 7000 Natural and Padron Delicias Natural, boast a high reputation for authentic Cuban taste. Cigar Insider has consistently rated Padron cigars as one of the top rated cigars year after year. The hand rolled cigars come in boxes up to 26 cigars.

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