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Perdomo Cigars

Cuban cigars offer a unequivocally full-bodied taste. With roots in San Jose de las Lajas, Cuba, Perdomo cigars has a tradition of top quality cigars, combining the taste of Nicaraguan tobacco leaves with Cuban heritage.The Perdomo family celebrates a long tradition in the cigar business, with Silvio Perdomo starting work in the 1930's at Cuesta y Cia. His son, Nick Perdomo, started his own business in 1992 from his garage, where he began production on Tabacalera Perdomo cigars. Now Nick's Cigars is based in Esteli, Nicaragua with a building that is the second-largest cigarmaking factory in the country.

There are many tastes and sizes to Perdomo cigars, allowing something for everyone. In addition, they make even more affordable brands of cigars, such as the Cuban Bullet, so that everyone can try their rich-tasting tobacco products and still be satisfied with an unchanging hearty taste.


Perdomo cigars has several brands, including the Perdomo Patriarch. Originally created by Nick Perdomo, Jr himself, this cigar is a tribute to his late father, Nick Perdomo, Sr. The Patriarch comes with the full-bodied flavor of Cuban seed Corojo toccao, Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, or an oily, triple fermented Maduro. The Perdomo Patriarch delivers a smooth finish and elegant design.

Perdomos cigars also includes the Cuban Bullet, a bold flavor at an affordable cost. The Perdomo Cuban Bullet comes with mild to medium bodied Connecticut wrapper, medium-to-full bodied Cuban seed, or a medium-to-full bodied Maduro. The Cuban Bullet also has a different shape and comes in a "Robusto" size of 5" by 50, to resemble the "bullet" of its namesake. The Habano is one of Perdomo cigars that is distinguished by its three different filler tobaccos, including leaves from Nicaragua, aromatic tobacco from Condega and naturally sweet tobacco from Jalapa Valley. The result is a wonderfully unique smoking experience that caters to cigar enthusiasts in need of full, complex flavors in their cigars. The Perdomo Grand Cru balances all-Cuban-seed fillers with handcrafted excellence. The tobacco in these Perdomo cigars is hand-selected and aged well for the Grand Cru. You can also pick the taste of the Grand Chu, from Natural, a mild to medium silky smooth flavor, or Maduro, roasted espresso and rich, cocoa flavors, or you could try the Corojo for an earthy, spicy touch to your cigar.

In addition to making and distributing top quality cigars, Perdomo cigars encourage people to learn about the different tastes, sizes, wrappers, seeds and tobacco products used to create their bold cigars. You can find Perdomo cigars right here at El Fumador. Click the above link to navigate to our selection.

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