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Oral Fixation

Oral Fixation Mints have the succulent answer which will please eye and tongue alike. These mints are a high-end product that satisfies your need for style and quality, whether you have one some of the time or all of the time. And the tins, slightly larger than a credit card, can be used to carry cash, IDs, and other cards after the contents have been enjoyed. Once you try one, you’ll know what it means to GET YOUR FIX.
El Fumador
7 Deadly Cinnamon 0.8oz $1.99
Oral Fixation Mints
Oral Fixation Mints
7 Deadly Cinnamon
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Set your soul afire with this secret blend of southern Chinese and American-made cinnamon flavor. These hot mints will hit the spot for Cinnamon lovers with the perfect balance of sweetness and spice. Damned Delicious.
Antioximints Green Tea 0.8oz $1.99
Oral Fixation Mints
Oral Fixation Mints
Antioximints Green Tea
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Everybody wants to live forever. Now everybody can, while looking cool with these new Green Tea Antioximints flavor. Not only are these mints the most healthful Oral Fixation flavor, they are also statistically the most likely Oral Fixation mint enjoyed while in the Downward Facing Dog yoga position. Every tin contains mints printed with the Japanese character for ‘tea’ and a little bit of wisdom on the wax paper.
Classic Peppermint 0.8oz $1.99
Oral Fixation Mints
Oral Fixation Mints
Classic Peppermint
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For many traditionalists, sometimes classic is best. This cool yet intense "Classical Peppermint" flavor is the tastiest peppermint available in the world. Compose yourself.
Fabulous Fruit Very Fruity Tropical 0.8oz $1.99
Oral Fixation Mints
Oral Fixation Mints
Fabulous Fruit Very Fruity Tropical
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The mint of choice for the truly fabulous. This fruity concoction will liven up your life anywhere with its explosive fruit flavor. You may not be in the Florida Keys, but the Florida Keys will be in your mouth every time you pop one of these. Every Fab Fruit is made with lots of love, hence the hearts on each one.
Lime Mint Cocktails 0.8oz $1.99
Oral Fixation Mints
Oral Fixation Mints
Lime Mint Cocktails
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Although these mints may not have the same relaxing effect as an actual mojito cocktail, they are just as delicious and just as handy to help set the mood when out on the town. Join the party.
Night Light Caffeinated Chai 0.8oz $1.99
Oral Fixation Mints
Oral Fixation Mints
Night Light Caffeinated Chai
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For students and professionals up late, created for you a compact transportable alternative to 5 cups of Joe. Made with brown sugar, night light is the perfect warm and spicy flavor for late nights. These delicious chai mints in their sleek black on black tin will complement just about any nighttime activity. Chai One.

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