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Savoy Humidors

El Fumador
Black Calabash Large $180.00
Humidors Black Calabash Large
Savoy Humidors
Black Calabash Large
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Savoy Black Calabash humidors are praised for original, eye-catching finishes and precision design. Achieving and maintaining perfect conditions for your cigars has never easier. Each humidor is equipped with a reliable humidification unit and an analog hygrometer. Black calabash veneers pronounce a bright variation of color with fine grain patterns. Increase the prestige of your cigar collection with the Black Calabash series. 13½L x9½W x6⅛H. Capacity 100 cigars.
Black Leather and Burl Desktop $90.00
Humidors Black Leather and Burl Desktop
Savoy Humidors
Black Leather and Burl Desktop
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Savoy Desktop humidors are superb for harboring a secret stash in the office or for assembling a small collection to bring on your vacation. Aged Spanish cedar and precision design maintain your cigars in an economical space.
Pear Wood Large $160.00
Humidors Pear Wood Large
Savoy Humidors
Pear Wood Large
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Savoy Pearwood humidors are rendered in an elegant, matte finish with a light citrus hue and a bold-bordered edge. Larger sizes are equipped with a lovely, tasseled key for keeping your collection safe. The fragrant interior seals effortlessly upon seasoning, and the soft color promotes harmony in your favorite cigar-smoking room. Equipped with a reliable humidification unit, an analog hygrometer, a tray for 2 level storage, dividers, lock & keys. 13½"L x9 ⅜"W x6 ¼ H. Capacity 100 cigars.
Walnut Large $220.00
Humidors Walnut Large
Savoy Humidors
Walnut Large
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Walnut finishes feature a brilliant, deep caramel hue beneath wavy espresso grains to complement exotic and traditional interiors. Each humidor is equipped with a reliable humidification unit, an analog hygrometer, tray, dividers, lock and key. 100 cigar capacity. Measures 13½L x 9⅜W x 6¼H.

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