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Illusione Ultra Cigars

When Illusione brand owner Dion Giolito released the Illusione Ultra line, they were the most full-bodied cigars he had ever blended. Big and box-pressed, the cigars came in near-black wrappers and were made in Honduras. That was three years ago and Giolito has made some changes. While the cigars are still indeed dark in appearance, they arenít quite as close to black as the originals, and the Ultras aren't made in Honduras anymore. Giolito moved the production to the TABSA factory in Nicaragua, citing logistical reasons. But a change in factory can have a significant effect on a cigar. In the case of the Ultra, it seems to have been a change for the better.
El Fumador
Op. No. 9 56 Nicaraguan Single $12.30
Cigar Op. No. 9
Illusione Ultra Cigar
Op. No. 9
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Rated 94 and #6 Best Cigar of 2015. The cigar is an imposing toro and one of this yearís best examples of a strong, spicy Nicaraguan blend that also has some of the qualities of a pint of coffee stout. The smoke is dense and chewy, and leaves a reverberating peanut-and-caramel aftertaste that sticks to the palate.

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